Magic in the Tetons, Part VI

TA Moulton Barn glowing at sunrise Grand Teton National Park

If you’ve made it to the final Magic in the Tetons blog post then Thank You! It’s been a joy to document my experience with Kristen Ryan’s Magic in the Tetons Ladies Photography Retreat.

On my final morning with the retreat officially over, I had a few hours before I needed to be at the airport. I’m not typically an early riser especially if no one is waiting on me but knew I would regret not getting up for one more sunrise. So I headed over to Mormon Row and the iconic barns. It was worth the early wakeup!

TA Moulton Barn glowing at sunrise Grand Teton National Park

And here’s an unedited video from my iPhone. Look at those pink clouds!!

Sunrise video at TA Moulton Barn

Just a half mile away is another Moulton barn, TA’s brother John. Several building still stand here along with the adorable pink house John had painted his wife’s favorite color.

John Moulton Barns at sunrise Grand Teton National Park
John Moulton Barn at sunrise Grand Teton National Park
Pink House at sunrise John Moulton Homestead Grand Teton National Park

I then headed down the road looking for moose. While I didn’t see any, I did spot these bison WAY out in the field. I used my longest lens and then cropped quite a bit in post processing so you could actually see them 😉

bison in Grand Teton National Park

As time was running out, I made one last stop at Schwabacher Landing. No moose, but there was this gorgeous Merganser perched on a log.

Merganser duck perched on log at Schwabacher Landing

As I explored further along the trail at Schwabacher Landing, still on the lookout for a moose, the reflection in the calm waters stopped me in my tracks. I had my long lens on the camera so I used my iPhone for this one and it’s one of my favorites!

iPhone image of Grand Tetons with reflection in Schwabacher Landing

As promised, I did take a few behind the scene shots of our group and had a few taken for me! Me with my cabin mate Susie.

two women photographers at Schwabacher Landing

And a video of that rainy sunrise that became spectacular! You can see that glorious sunrise in this blog post.

A few behind the scenes as we waited for sunset at Cunningham Cabin.

And silliness can and most likely will occur while you’re waiting for the sun to set 🙂

All the ladies in our group were wonderful! We shared so much during this week and I miss their smiles, laughter and photography talk. Here’s Lacey taking a picture of me taking her picture at Jenny Lake Overlook.

friends along the trail at Jenny Lake Grand Teton National Park

I didn’t take any images of the wonderful cabins we stayed in but I do have this video of the Snake River just steps away from our cabin.

I hope you enjoyed this blog series of my adventures in the Grand Teton National Park. If you missed the earlier posts, you can view them here for Part I, Part II, Part III, Part IV and Part V.

Thank you Susie for taking this photo for me, I love it!

lady photographer in Grand Teton National Park

Photograph what brings you Joy!

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