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I was reviewing old images the other day for a project I’m working on, more on that later, and I found a few that I wanted to share again. It really is enlightening to look back at older images. Some made me wonder, “what was I thinking?” and others were like, “ok I was on to something here!”.

This first image is from a trip to Oregon in 2018. We had never been so I had a list of places I wanted to visit. Top of the list was Canon Beach. It was gorgeous and we were blessed with a beautiful sunset.

This next image is from our backyard. We had a HUGE crepe myrtle that the birds loved and I did too. Sadly it had to be cut down for a home expansion project. The tree was just outside our kitchen bay so I had a great view of the birds. This tufted titmouse was waiting his turn at the feeder. I love the ice clinging to the limbs and the little pop of brown in his coat.

My husband and I visited OBX in the fall of 2020 for his cousins wedding and then headed further south to enjoy a few days on our own. We rented a Jeep to explore areas of the beach we’d never had access to and had a blast! I love this view of the Hatteras Lighthouse.

I have to admit I have no memory of taking this photograph but it’s one of my favorites. I have no idea what the purple flower is, so if you know please enlighten me! This image was taken in 2015 when I was very new to photography and I’ll admit it was taken on auto, I didn’t know how to use manual mode then!! But I still love it!

I hope you enjoyed this stroll down memory lane with me, I know I did!

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