Bristol TN-VA

Bristol TN-VA sign reflected in window
Bristol TN-VA sign reflected in window

We stayed in Bristol TN on the the first night of our trip last month. You can read about the first day of our journey here. Before we ventured further south we decided to visit Historic Bristol. We had been to NASCAR races at the Bristol Speedway many times but never visited the actual city.

Main Street Bristol TN-VA

We arrived in the early morning and were greeted with a sleepy town. It gave us the opportunity to wander and I could get some images without fighting traffic.

movie theatre Bristol TN-VA
Uncle Sam's loan office Bristol TN-VA
street view Bristol TN-VA

I always knew that Bristol was in both Tennessee and Virginia but I never realized the state line was the middle of main street! How cool is that!!

Bristol TN-VA street marker
street sign Bristol TN-VA
Bristol TN-VA historic marker

We found a bakery on Main Street with the BEST coffee I’ve ever had! I’m not exaggerating, it was amazing! I even thanked the barista before we left 🙂 And their egg & bacon sandwich was just perfect.

bakery in Historic Bristol TN-VA

We then wandered to the train station as I was trying desperately to get an image of this sign.

Bristol TN-VA sign

It appears to light up at night which would be nice to see but we were heading on down the road.

Bristol TN-VA train station

We located the historic Bristol hotel and the Birthplace of Country Music Museum.

Historic Bristol hotel
Birthplace of Country Music Museum

As we were leaving town I spotted this old sign with a Canon advertisement. Hank didn’t even blink when I said “stop”….he’s getting used to that!! Since I use a Canon camera I had to get this image!

Bristol Office Supply

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