My Struggle with Creativity

I’ve been beating myself up lately about my lack of creativity in my photography.  I’ve posted daily in my 365Project but feel it’s more a chore than a creative process.  How did that happen and why do I continue to compare myself to others?  It’s a trap all creatives can fall into and we need to stop!

Flowering Weed ©SHP 2018-0189.jpg

I look at the photos I’ve taken this summer and see flowers, dragonflies, garden vegetables and more flowers!  My head says where is my creativity and why can’t I create images that stir my soul like other photographers do?  And that’s when I need to stop, take a step back and remember what I love about photography.  It’s not a comparison, it’s the love of capturing an image.  Frozen in time by me, to share with whoever I choose.


Like this sweet photo of my grandson, captured with an iPhone.  A priceless memory no-one can replace!

Flowering Weed ©SHP 2018-0193.jpg

As I walked around our small farm today searching for the “best” image, I saw weeds and a discarded garden wagon.  But there are stories too.  The summer of too much rain, flooding and the battle of man vs weather.  

Abandoned Garden Wagon ©SHP 2018-0190.jpg

God’s wonderful creation is all around for us to see, if we only slow down and appreciate what He gave us.  How creative was our Heavenly Father when He made this vine to bloom gloriously in the cool mornings but close up in protection from the heat of the day?

Morning Glory ©SHP 2018-0201.jpg

I’ll work on closing my mind in protection from the destructive comparisons to others.  But try to keep it open for inspiration and learning.  It’s a tough balancing act.  

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