Tillamook Rock Lighthouse

Those that know me, know I love lighthouses.  So I was excited to see this Lighthouse off the coast of Oregon on our recent trip.  The Tillamook Rock Lighthouse stands about a mile out to sea but unfortunately no longer shines it’s light. 

The Tillamook Rock first shown in Jan 1881 and served for 76 years.  The lighthouse keepers served for about 40 days on this desolate rock.  I can’t imagine what it must have been like to live here thru calm and storm.  On September 1, 1957 the light was turned off for the last time.  It still stands but I wonder for how much longer.

The day I took this photo wasn’t stormy but the seas were rough.  I would love to visit this rock but since that’s not possible I’ll just wonder about those that served and saved ships passing in the night.

Tillmook Rock Light OR ©SHP 2018-0664.jpg

This is my first lighthouse in the Pacific Ocean!!

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