Ricky & Lucy Bluebird are house hunting

male bluebird on pole

The birds are starting their nesting so we, actually my husband, took down all the old birdhouses, cleaned them out and even made a few more. He installed 7 birdhouses and within 30 minutes the activity had begun! I positioned myself with my camera close enough to watch but far enough away so I didn’t disturb the birds. It was an entertaining afternoon!

Lucy Bluebird – Honey, look there are new homes a few blocks over.

Ricky Bluebird – Now Lucy, there is nothing wrong with our home.

Lucy – Ricky you know the neighbors are too loud. Squawking and carrying on all night long. Why a body can’t get a good night’s sleep living beside that flock!

bluebird pair inspecting birdhouse

Ricky – Alright, we’ll look. But we’re just looking, I haven’t checked interest rates or thought about putting ours on the market. Oh hey now, this one’s not too bad. I like the size and it seems well built. Good air flow and a nice yard.

Cindy Chickadee looked at one home but didn’t like the neighborhood. She needed to be closer to the market and didn’t want to participate in the community garden project.

Lucy – Oh honey, I love this little red house. But it’s pretty small, the kitchen just won’t work so we’ll have to replace everything!

female bluebird on red birdhouse

Ricky – That’s a lot of work for a little house, plus the roof needs fixing. Let’s keep looking.

male bluebird on red birdhouse

Ricky – I like this one better. It has a nice living room and enough room for my recliner.

male bluebird on birdhouse

Lucy – Oh no dear, that one is so drab. The exterior would need to be painted and the landscaping is just terrible. Look at this gorgeous yellow one! But hurry up, it won’t be available long. Potential homeowners are coming and going, this one is popular.

bluebird pair on yellow birdhouse

Ricky – This one is huge! I don’t think we can swing the mortgage plus it’s a lot to maintain.

bluebird pair on yellow birdhouse

Lucy – I love it, it’s perfect! Great entry way and plenty of room for the babies.

Lucy – call the realtor and make an offer! I’m going shopping!!

female bluebird flying away from birdhouse

Ricky – geez, we didn’t even look at the schools but it is big enough for my recliner.

male bluebird on pole

Do you have birds nesting near you? Share in the comments, I’d love to hear from you.

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  1. Mary Katherine Greenlaw says:

    This is wonderful. Thank you Sharon.

  2. Joanne Goodin says:

    Love the adventure with the “birds”. Great photos and love the birdhouses.

  3. Dawn says:

    This is hilarious.

  4. Connie Taylor says:

    Absolutely LOVED the commentary!!! It really was like they were ‘house shopping’. I love how you made such a cute, funny story out of this!!

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