Buck Bald TN

two ladies at sunset on Buck Bald TN

I visited my family in TN and GA last month. I spent several days with aunts, uncles and a few cousins. It was a great visit with quality time spent with my relatives. And it made me realize I need to document our family history for our children and grandchildren. Both of my parent’s had 8 siblings, yes 8…EACH! I have lots of cousins but sadly only a few aunts & uncles remain. But that’s a project for another day and one that will likely take me a year, or more!

On this visit I was in luck to be almost two weeks after a full moon so star gazing & milky way viewing were in the plans. My cousin Connie loves to take me to Buck Bald when I visit. The views are amazing, 360 degrees unobstructed. But the drive is not for the weak and not one of my favorites but the view is worth it. It’s a narrow gravel road with no guardrail, up the mountain. And not just gravel, there are good sized rocks in the road so driving slowly is best. I’m grateful that she drove at a moderate pace this time since she scared the life out of me on a previous visit!

I took a few iPhone images as the sun set behind the mountains.

sunset at Buck Bald TN
Sunset at Buck Bald TN

I love the mountain with the flat top. It’s located northwest.

Sunset at Buck Bald TN

There were a few others enjoying the view and one couple was kind enough to take our picture!

two ladies at sunset on Buck Bald TN

We settled in to wait for the stars and the milky way and just enjoy the quiet. This was a much needed break for my cousin as her stepfather was gravely ill and she had been helping her mom with his care. Another reason I was thankful for the visit, I got to see TR and visit with him before he passed a few days later.

Nature soothes my soul and brings me peace. Our God created an incredible world for us to enjoy, respect and care for. We need to take the time to appreciate His gift! I’m always in awe as I sit under the stars. So many stars and planets to view, just right there if we take the time to look up (and find dark enough skies to see them)! We did witness a couple shooting stars but you’ll have to take my word for that as I didn’t capture one with my camera. But the milky way appeared in all her glory along with some light pollution to the south. If I’m correct with my orientation, I believe the light pollution is from the town of Cleveland, TN and surrounding area. It gives the images an orange glow above the mountain range.

I tried several different compositions with two finalists. The first has more foreground and the second more sky. I have my favorite but I’d love to hear which image you favor.

milky way at buck bald tn
milky way at buck bald tn

Photograph what brings you Joy!

  1. Connie Taylor says:

    Crying my eyes out on this one! God sent you to me during that time! T.R. loved you so much, and the time we got to spend at Buck Bald was magical.. truly heaven sent!!

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