Glorious Fall Color in Virginia

I love when my husband offers to drive me around for photos. Not only is it logistically easier for me to get the images I want but it’s fun to spend the time together! Yesterday we travelled the back country roads ultimately heading to a winery near the Blue Ridge Mountains. Our first stop was an old country church he had spotted a few months back and insisted I see it….why, because it’s named Sharon Christian Church! How cool is that? I never thought I’d see a church with my name plus this one is historic. Built in 1887 and located in Bumpass, VA. We were lucky enough that the gentleman living next door saw us and offered to open the church!

We chatted awhile and he even got me an old piano bench to stand on so I was closer to eye level of the stained glass window over the front door. What a blessing he was!

Sharon Christian Church ©SHP 2019-0209.jpg

When we left the church we headed west toward the Blue Ridge Mountains and Stone Mountain Winery. I’ve been wanting to visit this winery for awhile now and today was the day. The drive was stunning with all the fall colors and quiet country roads. But the last two miles to reach the winery were an adventure. I have no images to share but you’ll have to trust me it was epic! Imagine a single lane gravel road twisting and turning up the mountain with no guard rail. Wait it gets better….there was a bike race coming DOWN that same road!! I’m glad my husband was driving as I was holding tight to the hand rail and praying we didn’t take down one of the cyclist! Seriously…..who planned this race? We breathed a sigh of relief when we reached the top and stood in awe of the view! Then we headed for wine 🙂

After enjoying our wine tasting, the views and some live music we headed back down for more photos before I lost what little light we had. And the colors were stunning! I was surprised and delighted with the color since our summer had been very dry. Thank you Virginia for the glorious fall color!

I cannot resist cows and these girls were as curious about us as we were with them. Well hello there #5!

Fall in Virginia ©SHP 2019-0264.jpg

#34 was very pregnant and very curious! Wish I’d had a treat for them but I’m sure their owners would have frowned on that. Instead I took advantage of their curiosity and sweet demeanor. Plus the red barns in the background were a plus!

As we meandered further we spotted this old building that looks like it was originally from logs then expanded. And this quirky white house was wonderful! If it could talk think of the stories it could tell.

So many old buildings and wonderful gravel roads lined with stunning color. It was a great day spent with my hubby and my camera!

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