A Winter Walk in the Woods

It seems like it’s been raining in Virginia every day this past year. That may be a slight exaggeration, but we have had more than our normal rainfall since last spring. So when we have an unusually warm winter day and no rain, my husband and I head out for an afternoon walk in our woods.

But first we have to stop and visit our hog Thelma. The look of contentment is due to my husband giving her a good scratch!

A Walk in the Woods ©SHP 2018-0394.jpg

We promised her we’d be back soon with a slop bucket and head on into the woods. We followed the deer trail and found a few berries they had left.

The forest adapts to the fallen trees and running cedar quickly covers the logs. I can imagine a fort among these trees as they’ve created a great frame!

As we ended our walk the warm winter sun highlighted some treasures.

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