Red Bellied Woodpecker

During the winter months I spend a lot of time sitting in the kitchen bay window with my camera.  We have several bird feeders and a bird bath right outside the window.  Each year we have some regulars; yellow finch, cardinal, tufted titmouse and chickadee.  This year the red finch joined our buffet as did this gorgeous red bellied woodpecker.  

Red Bellied Woodpecker ©SHP 2018-0219.jpg

I pulled out the Eastern Bird book and learned this is a male and I was incorrectly calling him a “red headed” instead of “red bellied”.  

Red Bellied Woodpecker ©SHP 2018-0230.jpg

I saw him a few times last year but he was very skittish and only ate from the ground under the feeders.  He’s getting used to us now so I’ve gotten a few decent shots.

Red Bellied Woodpecker ©SHP 2018-0242.jpg

I even managed to track him to a tree.  

Red Bellied Woodpecker ©SHP 2018-0248.jpg
  1. Connie Taylor says:

    In your defense, he DOES have a red head! 😉 Beautiful!!

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