I’m drawn to history, it was my favorite subject in school.  I always thought I was born to late but then I’d miss out on all this fabulous technology like indoor plumbing, the internet, cell phones and digital cameras! 

But when it comes to what excites me for photographs I seem to look back.  Do you remember when we waited on the mail?  The real mail, not e-mail!  Other than long distance phone calls, which cost a lot back in the day, mail was our only communication.  I can remember waiting on letters from my cousins in TN and GA or my girlfriend in Germany.  I always felt important when I received mail, of course I was too young for it to be bills!!  I love these mailboxes because they’re metal, rusty, classic. 

Don’t forget to look back and appreciate what we had and what we learned.   

Mailboxes Spotsylvania 01172018 ©SHP-0162.jpg
  1. Shirley Moates says:

    I love this!! I miss those days!!

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