North Shore Ladies Photography Retreat, Part III

glowing skies at sunrise behind Split Rock Lighthouse

We started day three of our retreat at Split Rock Lighthouse for sunrise. My family & friends know that I love lighthouses so I was already excited for this location. But when I saw the rocky coast and that gorgeous rock cliff with the lighthouse perched on the edge, I was in heaven 🙂 It was so beautiful and different than any of the lighthouses I’d seen before!

Be prepared for an overdose of lighthouse images, I won’t apologize! I was a little worried the clouds would not part but they didn’t disappoint as the sun started to cross the horizon.

Split Rock Lighthouse before sunrise

The dramatic skies proved a perfect backdrop for the lighthouse and rock cliff.

glowing skies at sunrise behind Split Rock Lighthouse

sun cresting horizon at Split Rock Lighthouse

I noticed the sun reflecting on the wet rocks just a few feet in front of me and didn’t want to miss the moment by recomposing my camera, so I used my iPhone! It provides amazing images too.

Split Rock Lighthouse with sunrise reflection

I moved a little further away from the lighthouse to capture more of the rocky coastline and the trees. The long exposure highlights the waves adding even more depth to this image. My canvas is on order and I’m anxiously awaiting it’s arrival to add this beauty to my home!

Split Rock Lighthouse with beach at sunrise

Thank you to Lindsey for taking this next image on my iPhone!

lady at Split Rock Lighthouse

I hated to leave this beautiful place but there were more adventures planned for the day. We hiked to White Sky Rock Overlook to enjoy the fall colors that were starting to appear more and more. The hike was uphill through the woods but so peaceful!

hike to White Sky Rock Overlook MN

The colors at the top and the view were definitely worth the hike! The sun kept peeking out from behind the clouds lighting up different parts of the landscape.

Fall colors at White Sky Rock Overlook MN
fall foliage on White Sky Rock Overlook MN

On the way back down I took longer to enjoy the woods and all the treasures along the trail.

We also had time for a little exploring around the lodge where we were staying. There was this adorable Dr Seuss style sauna that was the subject of almost everyone’s images! And more treasures in the woods.

With the hopes of clearing skies we headed back to Split Rock Lighthouse for sunset and night skies. Mother Nature had other plans and did not part the clouds but I still managed one image with some moonlight.

moon glow on Split Rock LH beach

Photograph what brings you Joy!

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